Adding a filed to BlogPost

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f10c7fa32d0> #<Tag:0x00007f10c7fa3140>


I wants to add fields to BlogPost which is recall the the Tags.
For example i have SubTags1 & SubTags2 which use the data in Tags and i want to loop in template separately but when a user click it each one of these fields show the all Blogpost of whole of Tags, SubTags1 and SubTags2.

In my template i want to use <% loop $Tags %> , <% loop $SubTags1 %> and <% loop $SubTags2 %> and in my tags url


show all the blogpost which use Tags, SubTags1 and SubTags2.

How can i add these fields to my blogpost?!


I add ‘Subs’ => BlogTag::class to my Blog.php & adding ‘Subs’ => BlogTag::class and other configuration like Tags in BlogPost.php now i can add, create and remove Subs like Tags and my Subs add to Tags but i need to loop subs within tags in CurrentTag in my template (both in a loop)