CMS Squad Progress Update for 2023-03-01

After Silverstripe CMS 5.0.0 beta1 was tagged at the beginning of last month we kept going to work on preparing a stable version of CMS 5 and required changes in CMS 4. After Beta release regression tests were done for detection issues and weaknesses. Issues in broken builds have been reviewed and fixed as well.


CMS 4.13

Fluent v4 / v5

Community pull requests merged

Work in progress

We will continue to work on a stable version of CMS 5. Most of the time, we will be focusing on testing and identifying existing problems in the beta version, and preparing to release fixes for version 4.
We will work on improving the translation process during the release. And also we will check again all stuff in CMS 4 that were removed in version 5 and mark them as deprecated.
Work will also be done to maintain compatibility with version 5 of some modules such as silverstripe-postgresql and silverstripe-sqlite.