How to generate FileHash manually wthout migrationscript

Hi Fabian_Schrattenholz,

Any luck with that?
I have the same problem. I migrated my project from 3.6 to 4.2 and ran the last script mentioned here, but the script must be:
php vendor/silverstripe/framework/cli-script.php dev/tasks/MigrateFileTask instead of “MigrateFileTool”.

Still I can’t get it to work, this is the error message I got:
ERROR [Emergency]: Uncaught League\Flysystem\Exception: Impossible to create the root directory “projectfolder\public\assets.protected\Folder/Subfolder/5ba302131a5b8.”.
IN GET dev/tasks/MigrateFileTask
Line 113 in projectfolder\vendor\league\flysystem\src\Adapter\Local.php

I opened a new topic for this here