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Hello World Template in Lesson 1 does not show after instruction…

To clear the cache, simply access any page on your site and append ?flush to the URL, e.g. http://{your localhost}/tutorial/public/?flush

Once the page is loaded, you should see your “Hello, world” page template.

Brand new to SS so I’m expecting to see a Hello World page but all I see is Simple Theme pages without any CSS applied. No idea what I`m doing wrong … again completely new

The ?flush at the end of the URL only deletes the YAML “configuration cache”. For example the theme.yml file, which is cached, will be “reloaded”. But ?flush doesn’t manipulate/change the content of your page. So after adding ?flush to the URL you should still see the same content you wrote to your Page.ss template a step before in “Creating your first template”.

You can try it on the demo installation: Open About » SilverStripe Demo in your browser and after loading add the ?flush at the end and reload. You’ll see that nothing has changed.

So you only have to add the ?flush parameter after editing .yml files.

I guess the CSS is not applied because of a wrong configuration in your theme.yml file. Double check each step of the manual and try again. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, post again with more information, mainly the content of the theme.yml file and some basic information about your setup and what exactly you did.

Hope this helps a bit.


Thanks for the reply… I figured out what I was doing wrong

Nothing to do with cache flushing

Newbie mistake… I created the Page.ss in the mysite directory instead of the templates directory.

Rereading the instructions as you suggested did the trick


Note that if your PHP configuration has arg_separator.output set to ‘& amp;’ (a bit old school) then ?flush will not redirect properly.

Sorry to bump this topic, but might save someone some frustration.

i also have a problem after installation. i dont have a mysite folder in the root directory. im also using wamp as local web server. is the mysite folder need to be created manually? i dont think so because it should have the files needed to run it. im not sure where to locate it. im also a newbie