404 when calling dev/build after upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4

SS 4.4.1

when I try to run dev/build I m getting redireted to http://localhost/dev/confirm/url-specials
which is the sever-root, not the documentroot.

I made an new installation of 4.4.1. After installation you get redirected to serverroot/home/successfullyinstalled with urlspecialtoken as paramter.

if I take that token as parameter, when calling dev/build it is working. But is there another way getting the token than reinstalling silverstripe???

This Problem is descriped here (link)too. But not the dev/build-issue ,…

Thanks in advance

Edit your .env file located at the root of you SilverStripe installation, and set your environment to dev


Set it to back live once you’re completely done with development.

Hopefully this will get fixed on the next update.

Hopefully this will get fixed on the next update

A PR fixing the base url issue is already waiting its review and hopefully makes it to 4.4.2 release.
However, switching to dev mode will be necessary anyway for disabling the confirmation form.

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A 404 error is an HTTP status code that means that the page you were trying to reach on a website couldn’t be found on their server. To be clear, the 404 error indicates that while the server itself is reachable, the specific page showing the error is not. https://docsbay.net/how-to-fix-a-404-page-not-found-error Hopefully it helps!