A new way to manage feature ideas

We’ve been accepting feature ideas on the Uservoice service since 2014. It’s been a great way to get a highlevel pulse check with the community, and we’ve released 27 suggestions prepared there. We’ve had over 3000 votes on 150 feature ideas.

In the last while, conversations have increasingly shifted to other channels: This forum, the new community Slack channel, as well as a better way to keep track of Github issue discussions. We see a lot of thoughtful contributions on Request-for-Comment (RFC) posts.

In order to centralise our community conversations, we’re moving feature ideas conversations to the forum in a new feature ideas category (read our usage guide). You can post, subscribe and vote on there. We won’t be moving over existing feature ideas, but you’re welcome to recreate them as posts on the forum.

Our Uservoice account will be shutting down next month (unfortunately they don’t have a free readonly account). This doesn’t mean we stop caring about those existing feature ideas, but rather we’re asking their authors to reconsider their ideas in the light of SilverStripe 4.x and a richer module ecosystem, and recreate the relevant ones.

Here at SilverStripe Ltd, we’ve been hard at work to improve all our open source modules. This year alone, our team of full time product devs has posted over 6000 comments on Github, and created/closed over 1100 pull requests across our supported modules. Our blog had over 30 posts this year already, often highlighting new features and how they’re used. That being said, we need to get better at communicating features which are on the radar via silverstripe.org/roadmap, and this new approach to feature ideas will be a factor in this.


P.S.: If you’re interested to batch transfer feature ideas into this forum, I can provide you with an export.