Added login_forms with mfa and now functional tests have problems

Silverstripe 4.11.2

I recently added in silverstripe/mfa which brought in silverstripe/login-forms. But now when I run my functional tests, I get errors about the templates in custom theme:

None of the following templates could be found: Array
    [0] => CalendarWorkPage
    [1] => Page
 in themes "Array
    [0] => $public
    [1] => silverstripe/login-forms:login-forms
    [2] => $default

The theme (“nifty”) is in place in my theme.yml file and does work in a browser. CalendarWorkPage and Page are both in nifty. It only has problems in my functional tests. This is after calling


and then requesting a privilege protected page (and I should note that the endpoint in question is a custom controller that calls renderWith to render the template rather than being a Silverstripe custom page). Again, this works fine in a browser. To make the test work, I had to add a block to the top of the test:

    public static function setUpBeforeClass(): void
        Config::modify()->update('SilverStripe\LoginForms\EnablerExtension', 'login_themes', array('nifty','$default','silverstripe/login-forms:login-forms'));

where I’m forcing my custom theme into the login_themes array. This gets the test to work. However, this workaround is not needed in the web view- in fact, my experience with messing with login_themes for the whole application was bad. If I set the login_themes globally via the YML workaround on the login-forms readme, the whole login form breaks in the real web view. So I have a working web version and a workaround for the test. But if I have to have a workaround in the functional test, doesn’t this cancel out the effectiveness of having a test at all?? I want it to test what is going to be in the browser, not test a workaround that makes the test run. Thoughts?