Adding Buttons within a DataObject CMS View

Hi all,

I was introduced to SilverStripe back under SilverStripe 3, and used it to build/maintain sites for a number of clients. When developing one of the sites, there was a requirement for users to upload documents client side, but to have those documents captured by SilverStripe and saved on the server away from the web root (so these documents weren’t navigable).

Admins could retrieve these documents only if they viewed the record related to the upload in the CMS, and clicked a button that lived on the row where SilverStripe injects the Save/Publish/Archive buttons. To do this, we used the Better Buttons module by none other than Uncle Cheese.

However, after cautiously adding the most current version of Better Buttons to my SilverStripe 4.2 project (for similar functionality as the aforementioned project, and eventually a future project), the module breaks the CMS view. Because of this, I’m not confident that it is something that can be used long term with this version of SS.

Looking at the GH Repo for Better Buttons, it is indicated that the functionality has made its way into core and that, unless I’m reading the README wrong, Better Buttons and SS4 aren’t made for one another (correct me if I’m wrong).

All I come across are the SS3 GridField tutorials (not what is needed, even if it were for SS4) or the couple of issue threads related to Prev, Next and Create buttons on detail GridField forms · Issue #436 · silverstripe/silverstripe-admin · GitHub which appears to be more of a developer discussion on if they should incorporate and how, and even linked by Uncle Cheese on the Better Buttons GH.

Any help that can be provided or pointing me in the right direction is very much appreciated.

Everette Moses