Adding Multilingual / i18n Category

It would be nice to have a category for ( Multilingual / i18n ) in the forum, I’m an arabic native speaker and currently struggling with this part of cms …

Is it worth starting a thread under #tips about it1? We can always create a category from that later on when there’s enough content to require it. I’ll also add a tag for it to make it easier to find info on it across categories.

1 Or #add-ons, maybe

The existence of category will make people share alot of content, that’s how I see it.

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Discourse recommends creating categories when there is content for the category (reorganising is quite easy). It supports a minimal categories approach better - having a large number of categories make it more difficult to navigate (so we need to weigh up every category before adding them). This is the primary reason we are currently not splitting categories by functionality/features, but by information perspective/type (eg: questions, tips, add-ons, meta, and general). All add-ons get a topic in that category, in much the same way plugins get on the discourse meta forums. We’re using tags to cross reference those against modules/features/versions.

Categorisation is something we are looking at/looking to revisit, so I will add this one to the list. Sub-categories might be able to help for this case, but it would be useful if we had some exisiting topics around this, so we could be sure where it should sit. Its possible we could rename, or broaden, the Add ons category for specific common problem sets such as multilingual support. Or this might be better as a subsection of the Questions category.

Agree with adrexia, we should start with a small set of categories. Mustafa, I’d encourage you to create a new thread in #general or #questions, with a title that mentions the keywords you want to be found through.