Admin search forms don't respect setTemplate() calls

Silverstripe Version: 4.6

When extending Model Admin search forms as seen in this forum post the rendered fields don’t use the set template.

For example:

$context->getFields()->push(Select2Field::create('Tags', 'Tags', Tags::get())->setMultiple(true));

Works when used in getCMSFields(). It doesn’t in updateSearchContext().

I added some junk attributes in:
and it never shows so the field isn’t using it’s own template to render. It does in getCMSFields().

I tried to make it use my own template:

Select2Field::create('Tags', 'Tags', $tags)->setMultiple(true)->setTemplate('pita')

Where is in the templates directory - doesn’t use it. Does in getCMSFields().

I’ve tried to get this working instead using searchableFields() and scaffoldSearchFields() on the model which also doesn’t work.

I’ve also changed the field to a regular old DropdownField and that also doesn’t use the template set by setTemplate().

setSmallFieldHolderTemplate() also has no effect.

What can I do here?