Alerting for web pages that needs reviewing

Silverstripe Version: latest

**Question:**Can I set up a way of alerting me to webpages with out of date content?
_If so what are the steps. (I think we have the lastest version of Silverstripe as we moved content across in 2020)

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Hi I’m looking to set an alert for each webpage based on when content needs reviewing (ie content may no longer be up-to-date)

I suppose the first question has to be: How do you define out of date content?

Slow page load times, Not mobile-friendly, Cluttered design

OK. So, the first step will be to define the problem:

  • How do you define an ‘out of date’ page? What about a page means that it needs review?
  • Once you have found a page which is out of date, what kind of alerts are you looking for?
  • How big is the site? Is it tens / hundreds / thousands of pages?