Allow developer to overwrite Form Fields grid

Hi Everyone,

I need small help here.

We have added custom field named Comment Text in cms admin for user form field check here.
Default user form fields grid in cms admin have only two editable columns Field type and Title check here.
How can i add my custom field named Comment Text in user form fields grid ?

I’m not sure what you’re asking here. It looks like you’ve added a new data field to the form fields, but then you’re asking about adding a new form field.

Could you share some code of what you’ve done so far, and maybe explain a little more what you’re trying to achieve and we should be able to offer some suggestions.

Hi Tim,

I have added custom form field named CommentText in userform check here
But if you see here this grid have editable option for field type and title.
My ask here is i wants to add my custom field on grid as well.

The current fields are defined on a GridFieldEditableColumns instance inside UserFormFieldEditorExtension as seen here:

That component is added to a gridfield, which you can then access by implementing updateCMSFields() from your own extension.
Note that there’s no addDisplayFields() method on GridFieldEditableColumns, so you’ll need to call getDisplayFields, add your field to the array that method returns, then pass it back into setDisplayFields().

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Thank you @GuySartorelli