Alternative admin module and GridField alternative

Hi everyone,

I’m really happy to announce the initial release of my alternative admin module. While the SilverStripe admin module is great, it’s not exactly always working the way I’d like it to work. For example, it’s not easy to reuse components between the admin and the front end. And, to be honest, I’m not a big fan of react&graphql&co + the legacy stuff.

Sometimes, it feels like it could get much simpler, in particular for those mostly using the ModelAdmin side of things (for my part, that’s the case in most of my projects).

So, here it is, released to the open world:

While it’s in a working state, things will probably change until the stable release
This can work standalone (with the framework only) or alongside the default admin module.

Two components are powering this admin panel. First, the admin ui kit that I’ve built from scratch using bootstrap 5 that gives a very similar experience from the default SilverStripe UI

And second, I needed something to replace the GridField. I’ve been having quite a lot of success using Tabulator on the frontend in one of my project, and I decided to make it work also in the admin. The end result is a powerful datagrid that support bulk actions and many advanced features like sorting, row editing, filtering…

My intent is to maintain this for the foreseeable future and hopefully this might be interesting for some of you that love the silverstripe framework, but might not be finding what they need in the current state of things.