An example repo, of how a Silverstripe project should look?


I am new to Silverstripe, and have been following the Lessons, and playing around with my own projects. I have tried to search the internet for an example project, but haven’t had any luck. Is there a repo to show how a good, production-ready Silverstripe project should look?


Hi there. We’re currently building a new demonstration app based on a mix of commercially supported by SilverStripe (which are all open source by the way) and not supported by SilverStripe, but driven by the community modules. The demo project itself is also open sourced.
It is still in flux and we’re in the middle of building it, but you may take a peek, play with it and get some general ideas about what a fresh new project may look like.
Please, be aware the project is not commercially supported, so we may not answer to inquiries too quickly there and most likely we won’t be responding to any feature requests.

Here’s the repo: GitHub - silverstripe/bambusa-installer: SilverStripe demo application