Announcing Silverstripe CMS Recipe 4.13.0-beta1

The Silverstripe CMS Squad has just released Silverstripe CMS Recipe 4.13.0-beta1.

This release is primarily a deprecations release - there are new deprecation warnings, and increased messaging around deprecation warnings. This makes Silverstripe CMS 4.13.0-beta1 a better jump-off point for CMS 5 upgrades than CMS 4.12 stable. Read more about deprecation warnings in the deprecations documenation

This also marks the feature freeze for the Silverstripe CMS 4.x release line. No new features will be added to the 4.x major release line from this point.
As per the major release policy bug fixes will continue to be accepted.
We will be reviewing open pull requests that are targetting the 4.x release line around the time of the stable release. If you have an open pull request that targetting 4.x which adds new features, we will be providing clear guidance to you at that stage.

The 4.13.0-beta1 release is not stable and likely contains bugs. The purpose of this release is to help the Silverstripe CMS Squad and the Silverstripe community identify and fix bugs prior to the stable release.

Review the Silverstripe CMS 4.13.0-beta1 changelog to find out what is new.

Visit the Silverstripe CMS release documentation to understand this process in detail.

The stable 4.13.0 release is scheduled for April 2023.