Archiving DataObject items

Silverstripe 4

Is it possible to archive DataObjects by themselves?

If not, is it possible to chnage the default view of the dataobject gridfield to only display dataobjects that do not have a field called, lets say “archived” checked?

I have been trying to find a way, but there is not much informaiton out there on just dataobjects without pages.


If you’re using a more recent version they should be archivable. If you have the Archives admin in your menu then you would find them under “Other”, meaning other types of archived content. If your not seeing this then maybe some config is not right perhaps? you can see it in action on the newer demo Try Silverstripe CMS - Silverstripe CMS - Silverstripe

I figured it out:

In config.yml

    - 'SilverStripe\Versioned\Versioned'

The demo looks really cool. I am on version 4.5 and do not see the majority of the features like the drag and drop content and dataobjects.

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The demo makes use of several optional modules.

You can find the list of modules used at the bottom of this post:

The “drag and drop content” is provided by the Elemental content block module.