Are template tags configurable

Silverstripe 4.4

I’d like to turn JSP pages into templates. Can i change ss template tags from <%%> to <%ss ss%> (for example). And if I can how can i do it?

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So you want to do e.g. <%ss loop ss%> instead of <% loop %>?

I’m guessing you’d need to implement your own parser. Perhaps you can sub-class or duplicate SSParser, modify it and then swap it in with the Injector?

Exactly! I thought this was a configurable thing way back in the day (when i was using 2.4). I’ll look into SSParser and see what i see. Thanks!

Ok. Looks like each tag has a set of functions that processes it. In validating each tag, each tag function has hard coded in it a check for the starting characters <% and later in the function a check for the ending characters %>. So technically speaking a carefully executed find and replace would do the trick. I think that’s what i’m seeing.