Are the lessons in Silverstripe website accurate?

I don’t know whats wrong if its just me or Silverstripe but I’m not getting the same exact result that what the lessons in the website are saying. I doubt that they are really accurate.

I am sure that i followed the instructions carefully but i got stucked at the 1st lesson. Creating your first project.

I have installed local sever wamp as there needs to be a local server running.
Copied the downloaded silverstripe v4.2.1 in the www/ folder of wamp.
Installed silverstripe using localhost.
Installation was successful.
Created my-themes/ folder inside themes/ folder in root directory.
Created folders within my-themes/ for css/, javascript/ and images/. Also, a templates/ folder in which i created Includes/ and Layouts/ in it.
The lesson asked me to move the css/, javascript/ and images/ to public/ folder and so I did. I left the templates folder where it was supposed to be.
The lesson said it was looking sparse so it asked me to move the css/, javascript/ and images/ to public/ folder in root directory and so I did.
It also asked me to move (“not copy”) the templates/ folder inside the mysite/ folder which is now the app folder in SIlverstripe v4.2.1.
Asked me to delete the themes/ folder in root directory.
Next thing I did was i created a file with a “Hello world!” proof of concept which i saved in public/templates/ folder which is clearly indicated in the lesson.
I flushed the cache
Renamed the mysite.yml to app.yml
Flushed the cache again
Entered localhost/silverstripe in url
I am still getting the Silverstripe default page. and “NOT” the Hello world proof of concept template…

Please help this is making me crazy

Where is the web root of your server pointing? Is it pointing at www or at www/public ?
Ideally, if you’re implementing the public directory structure, then it should be pointing at the public directory itself.

It is pointing at www/ folder. What i did was i copied the silverstripe/ folder in the www/ folder so the url path that you need to enter in order for you to get to the project is localhost/silverstripe

This is what is displaying even with have already been created:

This is how the files look like:

Below is the configuration in the file httpd.conf of my root directory in wamp


Hello lmnlis,

If you want to check then you have to Type hello world in, themes/your-current-theme/templates/Layout/ file.

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That will definitely work but when i followed the instruction on website. It asked me to move the templates/ folder that has the to the app/ folder.

But You can see in the image there is folder name mysite and in v4.2 it would be changed to app. so might be it can’t be use in 4.2.

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so you mean i am following an outdated lesson?

Hello Imnlis,

It does not worked in v 4.2 so it might be outdated.

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