Batch actions does not work. Is this a bug?

Silverstripe Version: 4.2.1 and 4.2.0

I’m using MAMP 4.5 for running my Silverstripe installation locally.

(I’m puzzled if this is something with my environment or not. The biggest problem is that I can’t see any errors when checking my logs)

My problem is that I get a “Internal Server Error” when I try to do any of the Batch Actions. When I do that I’ll get a popup displaying “Internal Server Error”.

But I have no problems when I do the same type of action, for example Archive page, with the individual page buttons. With the “individual page buttons” I mean the buttons that appear at the bottom of the admin page for each page.

I have checked the php log, apache log and the sql log.

I have also turned on the dev mode in my .env file.

My Question:

  • Is there some other logs or way to get more debug information on whats is wrong? This is very frustrating.


Yes, this is a bug. It’s been logged and addressed here: BUG Ambiguous column “RecordID” when doing batch actions · Issue #579 · silverstripe/silverstripe-admin · GitHub

The trace of the error can be seen if you inspect the request and response in your browser dev tools… you’ll see a big load of SQL and hidden in there somewhere a message that the ‘RecordID’ column is ambiguous.

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