Blank screen on SilverStripe 3.7.2 after leaving session opened for several hours in multiple tabs and saving changes, changes lost

SilverStripe Version:3.7.2


A client of mine is experiencing an issue which relates to editing several products on his SilverStripe 3.7.2 site (updates info on the products listed, adds new products, etc) when leaving the session open for several hours and multiple tabs opened at the same time. When coming back to edit further and Save, he gets a blank screen and all changes lost. He has to start all over again.

After several testing - need to point out that the cookie session expires in 3 months, so I guess is not a time out thing - we concluded that the problem only presents itself when having multiple Products opened at the same time after a big amount of time. The problem doesn’t present itself if having only one tab opened.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Does anyone know why it happens? And most important, does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!


Cookie life is 90 days. But it seems it is not related to the session life but having multiple products opened after several hours. We extended the time for this, having a clean browser and forcing this by checking the ‘Remember me’ check box when logging in. This didn’t solve the problem.

Well, as a general thing, I’d suggest that leaving an partially-edited record unsaved for hours is a less-than-ideal thing to be doing anyway! Why not just save the changes if you’re going to walk away from it?

Have you checked the session timeout on the server? This may not be an application issue… it may be that the server is dropping the session during the inactive period, and hence killing the admin.

@Tim I know and that has been recommended… But that’s what client wants (as usual, not practical and weird stuff).

About the session timeout on the server, the issue only happens with multiple tabs open, if you leave the session open for the same amount of time but only 1 tab, things work perfectly. And we don’t get logged out when the issue happens, we just get a blank screen, forcing you to refresh the page and hence, losing the changes.

The solution was adjusting the timeout on the server. For some reason, when having multiple tabs, it wasn’t enough with the cookie lifetime ('cause it worked fine with only one tab opened). So adjusting that solved it.

Thank you @Tim for your suggestion!

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