Building a Silverstripe CMS release archive (with composer)

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Hi folks,

We have removed the option to download release archives from the website recently and the only officially supported dependency management option now is Composer.

Some reasoning behind that decision can be found here:

Although, we do not recommend using archives for dependency management, that unfortunately affected some people workflows. We have some enquiries that sound like this:

  • I used to download earlier versions from your site as a zip but now I can't find the download option

Here’s a couple of options to build such an archive manually using composer.

P.S. we still encourage you to use Composer for dependency management rather than Zip archives.

Option 1 (using PHP and Composer)

This option requires PHP and Composer to be installed. That would install 4.5.0 version of Silverstripe CMS into the folder silverstripe-cms-4.5.0

composer create-project \
  --prefer-dist \
  --ignore-platform-reqs \
  silverstripe/installer silverstripe-cms-4.5.0 4.5.0

Option 2 (using Docker)

Same as above, but doesn’t require PHP and Composer installed locally. This option requires Docker installed and running.

docker run \
  --rm -it \
  -v "$(pwd):/mnt" \
  -w /mnt \
  -u $(id -u) \
  composer:latest \
  composer create-project --prefer-dist --ignore-platform-reqs silverstripe/installer silverstripe-cms-4.5.0 4.5.0