Can I do a Guides system with SilverStripe ?

Silverstripe Version: Undownloaded yet


I’m looking for a CMS that would allow me to do a Guides system.
Explainations: Registered users would be able to create their own guide on any chosen character/game (gaming blog) and publish it. Guides would be categorized and it’d be possibe to insert custom codes (ie. wysiwyg) without having excessively advanced coding skills.

Is SilverStripe able to do that ?

Mmmm theoretically you could create something like that with SilverStripe, but the question isn’t really whether or not SilverStripe can do it, but whether a particular developer can do it and how long will it take :slight_smile: SilverStripe provides building blocks to make developing this kind of functionality faster, but you’ll still need to write lots of custom code to make it happen.

I would think, it would be possible, but I’m more wondering, is it what you want?

The answer, I think, is more “Yes, any framework can do that, including SilverStripe; but no framework supports it out of the box, so you’ll have to do it”

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You could probably use wiki software, or blog software to do something similar. It would depend on the detail of the requirements.