Can I setup email server using silverstripe

Hello, I know that I can use Silverstripe to send email from a custom domain ‘’ and as I understand this acts like a @noreply emails which are ultimately non-existent (if not previously created on some email server)

What I am wondering is there a way to implement email server on Silverstripe, so that I can login to the CMS and add new user emails and then some web client (or outlook) to access those email addresses like I would access my gmail for example.

I have seen that I can point to the external SMTP service, which is fine, but I want the actual email service (inside the silverstripe package) for creating user emails that belong to that domain. Can that be done?

The short answer is… yes… it’s probably possible.

But… Silverstripe isn’t an email server nor a server management interface by default. You could use it to create and process the front-end for sure. You’ll get all the authentication, forms, etc. functionality of course, but that’s about as far as you can go without a lot more technical effort.

What you’d need to do is find some email server software which will do what you want, then find a way to alter / update its configuration files from the webserver process that you’re running… then get the whole thing installed on a couple of servers and start seeing what breaks.

I like the idea of trying it (because it’s a fun challenge) but truthfully, there would have to be a really strong case for doing it. There are already open-source packages such as Webmin and ISPConfig which do this really well already.


Echoing @Tim - email is hard. Definitely vote for using a separate system, and personally I would use a SaaS rather than self-host.

If you’re mainly just wanting to manage email users in the CMS (but not read or otherwise manage emails) you could probably whip up a module to connect to an API and let you add and delete users / reset passwords etc. without too much trouble.

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Hello, thank You both for Your replies, honestly I feel the same way @Tim about it being a challenge, but it just seems foolish to me to do (since I have no experience in Silverstripe whatsoever) if it isn’t something that was built in (as I assume then it would mean it was supposed to be used in such a manner) and also the time it requires is just foolish to deep dive in it.
Thanks again and hey, if any of You do find an implementation of this do ping me I would love to see it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: