Can't get my addon listed on

Hi there,

I used the silverstripe module skeleton to make my own module but i don’t get it listed on the silverstripe addons page… It is listed on github and packagist, double checked the composer file and other possible reasons why it could not be listed.

You can take a look at the full repo here:

Packagist here:

And for a “fast view” here the composer file content:

  "name": "csoellinger/silverstripe-rollbar",
  "description": "SilverStripe log handler for rollbar.",
  "license": "BSD-3-Clause",
  "type": "silverstripe-vendormodule",
  "keywords": [
  "readme": "",
  "authors": [
      "name": "CSoellinger",
      "email": "",
      "role": "developer"
  "homepage": "",
  "support": {
    "issues": ""
  "require": {
    "php": "~7.1,<8.0",
    "rollbar/rollbar": "^2.1",
    "silverstripe/framework": "~4.0,<4.10"
  "require-dev": {
    "ergebnis/composer-normalize": "^2.7",
    "phpstan/extension-installer": "^1.1",
    "phpstan/phpstan": "^1.4",
    "phpstan/phpstan-deprecation-rules": "^1.0",
    "phpstan/phpstan-strict-rules": "^1.1",
    "silverstripe/sqlite3": "^2",
    "sminnee/phpunit": "^5.7",
    "squizlabs/php_codesniffer": "^3.6"
  "extra": {
    "branch-alias": {
      "dev-main": "1.x-dev"
  "minimum-stability": "dev",
  "prefer-stable": true,
  "autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
      "CSoellinger\\SilverStripeRollbar\\": "src/",
      "CSoellinger\\SilverStripeRollbar\\Tests\\": "tests/"
  "config": {
    "allow-plugins": {
      "composer/installers": true,
      "silverstripe/vendor-plugin": true,
      "silverstripe/recipe-plugin": true,
      "phpstan/extension-installer": true,
      "ergebnis/composer-normalize": true
  "scripts": {
    "analyze": "phpstan analyse -l 9 src tests",
    "lint": "phpcs -p --cache --parallel=2 .",
    "lint:fix": "phpcbf -p --cache --parallel=2 .",
    "test": "phpunit"

No idea if someone did something but it is now listed :slight_smile: thx

The addons site only updates periodically, so it’s probably just a case of waiting for the sync to happen.

I’m experiencing the same thing with two addons I’ve uploaded last week (before the newest that is currently listed).

Both have "type": "silverstripe-vendormodule" in their composer.json and I can’t see a real difference between them and my previous uploaded modules.

Anyone has an idea?

// EDIT: has been added now, thanks