Can't see/edit content

Silverstripe Version 3.3

Hello Silverstripe community!

I’ve recently joined a company that uses an older version of Silverstripe. (I am not a developer, but a content manager.) I’m having trouble seeing certain pieces of content on my site through the back end. For example, on our About Us page, I only see the first paragraph and not the individual people. On the Request a Quote page, I can’t see (or edit) the actual form. I also can’t see, add or edit blocks on new or existing pages. Is this a permissions issue? Or am I not looking in the right places?

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Trouble in Paradise!

Hard to say, it depends on how the developer built it and which parts they made editable in the CMS. Sometimes it’s a lot more work to make something editable in the CMS vs just hard coding it, which may not be worth the effort, so there will generally be a mix of editable and hard coded content on Silverstripe websites.

On the About Us page in the CMS, there might be a tab named ‘People’ or ‘Staff’ or something where you can edit those people. Sometimes pieces of content like that are edited outside the page where they displayed though, so you might find them in a separate section of the CMS. In the CMS main menu (on the left) there could be a link to such a section.

The form is likely custom code, in which case you’d need a developer to update it. You can check the page type for a clue, if it’s not ‘User Defined Form’ then you probably can’t edit it in the CMS.