Can't upload image in assets admin

Silverstripe Version: 4.1


I’m currently evaluating Silverstripe (so, I’m a total noob). I have it installed an running in it’s standard default configuration.

But I’m unable to upload an image in the Files section on the admin area. I receive a 500 response with the following message in the error log:

Upload::load() Not passed an array.  Most likely, the form hasn't got the right enctype

This is using the standard admin UI. I haven’t made any changes here.

Any ideas?

Hi @chris,

What’s the exact version of SS? Did you install with composer or via the zip file? Did you follow any docs/instructions to get started (if so, which)?

Does the error provide a backtrace we can look at?

False alarm.

My php.ini file had file uploads disabled. Oops.

Thanks for getting back to me @dhensby.