Child pages in CMS

**Silverstripe Version:3.7.0

Child pages in the CMS are only visible if i rightclick and choose show children. Is this by design?

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Is it because i have too many child pages.

![SS_childrenCMS|602x261](upload://nYsHTtUVBPKritnUUUTxXsBSgLk.png) // Include any relevant code. If you have a lot of code, link to a gist instead.

I haven’t run in to that in SS3 but I know in SS4 child pages won’t be rendered in the tree if there are too many, instead a link is shown to let you view the pages as a list. That seems intuitive but the behaviour you’re describing doesn’t really, so if it’s built in to SS it might not be a great default. What type of page is the parent page? If it’s a blog holder perhaps there’s something like lumberjack hiding the pages? In that case the children would be shown in a gridfield on the parent page rather than in the site tree.