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Is there an SS4/SS5 module that allows you to view events in a calendar format in the CMS? Eg. A calendar view of GridField in model admin or similar?

I’ve got a bookings database with lots of events and it would be nice for CMS users to be able to view these on a calendar they can interact with - at the very least be able to click an event to go to the edit detail form view.

Any ideas welcome.

Yes, there is a module named titledk/silverstripe-calendar that allows you to view events in a calendar format within the SilverStripe CMS. This module provides a CalendarPage page type that you can create in the CMS. This page type displays a calendar interface where CMS users can view, add, edit, and delete events. Users can interact with the calendar, and by clicking on an event, they can navigate to the edit detail form view to make changes.

Installation Steps:

  1. Install via Composer: You can install the titledk/silverstripe-calendar module via Composer by running the following command in your terminal:

    composer require titledk/silverstripe-calendar
  2. Run dev/build: After installing the module, run the dev/build task to update your SilverStripe database schema:

    php ./vendor/silverstripe/framework/cli-script.php dev/build
  3. Configure: You may need to configure the module settings based on your requirements. Refer to the documentation provided by the module for detailed configuration options.

Basic Configuration:

You can configure the calendar in your SilverStripe CMS by adding the CalendarPage page type to your site. Here’s an example of how you can set it up in your config.yml:

    - DNADesign\Elemental\Models\ElementalAreaExtension

GitHub Link:
You can find the titledk/silverstripe-calendar module on GitHub: titledk/silverstripe-calendar

By following these installation steps and configuring the module according to your needs, you can provide CMS users with the ability to manage events in a calendar format, enhancing the user experience and improving the efficiency of managing bookings and events in your SilverStripe application.

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Thanks for the very detailed answer - I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

@addwebsolution The question was about modules which are compatible with Silverstripe CMS 4 or 5. That module looks to only be compatible with Silverstripe CMS 3. It also appears that its calendar interface is only provided for the frontend, not within the CMS itself.
Are you aware of one that’s compatible with 4 or 5?

This isn’t the first time you’ve provided a response that seems like it may have been generated from ChatGPT or a similar service. Please do not use AI to generate responses, as they are likely to be incorrect.


The module is supported on version 3+. I haven’t tried it with versions 4 and 5, but you can give it a try.

If you are solely looking for a calendar, you can utilize a frontend library for the calendar and handle the remaining tasks manually by managing the required data source for the frontend library, using custom backend and Ajax code. Please let me know if you would like a code example to implement a similar functionality.

I am attaching references for frontend calendar libraries which you may consider (the last one is paid):

I hope this helps you resolve your issue.

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