CMS Squad product update for 2023-12-06

Over the past fortnight, the CMS squad has been extensively engaged in enhancing and preparing for support of the silverstripe/linkfield module. Additionally, we’ve implemented minor enhancements to the functionality of the primary modules, addressed several errors, updated documentation, and initiated preparatory work for PHP 8.3 support in CMS 5.2. We’ve streamlined certain processes, such as the integration of automated quality validation for our documentation.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Change to look forward too in future releases

GitHub actions enhancements

Community pull requests merged

We are sincerely grateful for the valuable contributions made by our community.

Work in progress

Moving forward, our team’s primary focus in the upcoming weeks will revolve around the development and refinement of the silverstripe/linkfield module. Concurrently, a portion of our efforts will be directed towards addressing organisational matters and enhancing documentation.