CMS Squad product update for 2024-03-13

As we’re nearing the end of our work on LinkField, we’re starting to cast our eye on other issues.

The Silverstripe CMS 5.2-beta release was tagged last week. Make sure to check that out and report any issues you encounter. We expect to tag a stable release around mid-April.

We also spent some time setting up development branches for CMS 6. We’re still very much in the planning phase of CMS 6, but having the the development branches there is useful. For example, when we decide to deprecate an API in CMS 5 we can immediately remove it from the CMS 6 branch.

A special note for those of you using Silverstripe CMS with MariaDB. We noticed that it was a bit difficult for us to keep up with the fast pace of releases of MariaDB. We decided that our CI will only target the latest LTS release of MariaDB going forward and updated our documentation accordingly.

Read the Officially only support LTS release for MariaDB issue if you want more details.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Changes to look forward to in future releases

Linkfield enhancements

Community pull requests merged

Focus for the next couple of weeks

We’re working on finalising LinkField migration tasks so people can easily transition from older LinkField implementation. We’re busy regression testing the CMS 5.2 beta release and addressing any issues we find there.

We’re also looking ahead to what comes after LinkField and planning that.