CMS Squad product update for 2024-03-27

Over the last two weeks, our main focus has been on getting ready for the release of CMS version 5.2. We updated the changelog, tested the beta version thoroughly to fix any issues, and released the CMS 5.2.0-RC version. Additionally, we’ve been working on improving and officially supporting silverstripe/silverstripe-linkfield. We’ve also put a lot of effort into developing a tool to help users migrate smoothly from older versions of LinkField, like versions 2 / 3, to the latest version 4.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Linkfield enhancements

CMS 5.2 release preparation

CMS 4.13 enhancements

Community pull requests merged

And, of course, our community members have pleasantly surprised us with new improvements and pull requests. We extend our deep gratitude to them, as does the Silverstripe community.

Work in progress

In the upcoming two weeks, our primary focus will be on developing tools to facilitate the transition to new supported silverstripe/silverstripe-linkfield from widely-used modules like gorriecoe/silverstripe-link and sheadawson/silverstripe-linkable. We’ll allocate a portion of our time to resolving any bugs that have been found and addressing specific organisational issues. These efforts are aimed at ensuring that the project is well-prepared for the release of a stable version in the near future.