CMS Squad product update for 2024-04-24

Work completed in the last couple of weeks

We released a bunch of great new features and improvements with Silverstripe CMS 5.2.0, so go check out the release announcement and the changelog if you haven’t done so already.

As a reminder, that release marks a change in support commitments for Silverstripe CMS 4, which will only receive patches for high-severity security vulnerabilities from now on. You can find out more about our support commitments in the major release policy and the roadmap.

We’ve also surfaced some documentation from supported modules into the new optional features section.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Changes to look forward to in future releases

Community pull requests merged

Focus for the next couple of weeks

It’ll be business as usual for the next couple of weeks, so expect the usual bug fixes and easy-win enhancements.

We’re also working hard to improve the user and developer experience related to validation of elemental blocks.

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