CMS Squad Progress Update for 2022-11-09

The past two weeks we have been mainly focused on updating dependencies and implementing deprecation notices into some of Silverstripe modules.
We recently successfully finished updating thirdparty jQuery libraries and they will soon be available in CMS 4.12 beta. Also the same significant work has been done on implementing notices that the code is deprecated and will be removed, so that the migration from CMS 4 to CMS 5 would be more comfortable. The work on the implementation of the new version of Flysystem v3 was completed as well.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Changes to look forward to

CMS 4.12.0


Community pull requests merged

Work in progress

We will continue to work on deprecation notices in CMS 4 and removing the deprecated code for CMS 5. We will begin work on preparing for the release of CMC 4.12 beta in which thirdparty jQuery libraries updates will finally be available.
We will also work intensively on the upgrading of the frontend build stack for CMS5.