CMS Squad Progress Update for 2022-12-07

Over the last fortnight we performed regression testing on the 4.12.0-beta1 release, and tagged 4.12.0-rc1. Work continued on updating deprecation notices and removing deprecated code, and on updating the front-end build stack across our core modules.

We also updated our transifex settings so that any strings which are translated in one module will automatically be translated in any other module using that same English source string.

Changes coming in CMS 5

Changes coming in CMS 4.13

Community pull requests merged

As always,a big thank you to community members who raise pull requests to fix bugs or implement new high value features. The following were merged over the last two weeks:

Work in progress

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll continue upgrading the front-end build stack for css and javascript in the CMS. There’s still some deprecated API to remove from CMS 5, and we’re committed to ensuring it has support for PHP 8.2.
We’re also aiming to tag the 4.12.0 stable release in that time.