CMS Squad Progress Update for 2022-12-21

We’ve tag the second-to-last minor release with Silverstripe CMS 4.12.0. We also patch a moderate security vulnerability in Subsites.

Otherwise, we keep focusing on CMS 5. We moved past the core modules and have started work on the supported module.

Changes coming in CMS 5

  • Our frontend build stack has been upgraded to use the latest version of webpack and the latest LTS of Node. This force us to update a bunch of other dependencies. We’re in the process on updating our UI dev docs as well so module maintainers have guidance on how to use the our new webpack config.
  • We’ve set up the CMS5 development branches for the supported module.
  • Deprecated APIs have been removed for core modules.

Community pull requests merged

As always,a big thank you to community members who raise pull requests to fix bugs or implement new high value features. The following were merged over the last two weeks:

Work in progress

With the holidays just around the corner, the team will be putting their tools down for the next few weeks and enjoying some well earned RnR. So the next product update will be in about 4 weeks.

We’ll start 2023 by wrapping up CMS5 work on supported module and adding PHP8.2 support to CMS5.