CMS Squad Progress Update for 2023-04-12

We’re in the final stretch towards the Silverstripe CMS 5.0 stable release. We’ve tagged Silverstripe CMS 5.0 RC1 and Silverstripe CMS 4.13 RC1. Those two releases are currently being audited to identify possible security regressions.

On an unrelated note, long time community member Dan Hensby has resigned from the Silverstripe CMS Core Committer group. We are very grateful to Dan for his contributions to Silverstripe CMS and all the years he’s spent supporting us.

Work over the last couple of weeks



Community PRs

Work in progress

We’ll be finalising our work for the CMS 4.13.0 and CMS 5.0.0 release. This involves a final round of regression testing on Silverstripe CMS 5, a lot of documentation update and preparing release communication.

We’re also looking at tackling some high impact bugs that have been put on the back burner because of the CMS 5 work.