CMS Squad progress update for 2023-06-21

It has been a very productive two weeks. Thanks to the hard work of the team and significant contributions from our open-source community, some issues that were identified after the official release of CMS 5 have been fixed. “Eager loading” has also finally been completed, so we are all looking forward to the next minor release. Work has been done to improve the localisation in CMS 5, in particular, the translation for supported modules has been updated and some errors and omissions have been fixed. We also improved the work on automatic updating of JS dependencies, added documentation to our pattern library, and analysed possible enhancement to some organisational processes.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes


CMS 4.13

Changes to look forward to

Community pull requests merged

Huge thanks to our community for their contributions.

Work in progress

The past two weeks have been great, and we’re moving on…
In the next two weeks, we will be focused on fixing some of the identified bugs, updating the documentation and tidying up our repos and packages.