CMS Squad progress update for 2023-08-16

Work completed in the last couple of weeks

We have released a new minor release policy, which doesn’t really introduce any changes to our process but it does clearly document it, and gives you a clearer idea of when we’ll be aiming to launch minor releases and security fixes. Hopefully this will help you plan upgrades for minor and security patch releases with more confidence.

We’ve also rolled out automated merge-ups and automated patch tagging to all supported modules, which reduces the manual work we have to do to get patches released and in most cases reduces the turn-around time between merging pull requests and releasing the fixes as patches.

Preparation has started for StripeCon EU, and we’ll be ramping up our preparation as the event gets closer.

And of course, as usual, we’ve been fixing all manner of bugs as we go.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Changes to look forward to in future releases

Community pull requests merged

As always we greatly appreciate community contributions which help make Silverstripe CMS better for everyone. These are some of the community pull requests which have been merged recently:

Focus for the next couple of weeks

Our main focus for the next couple of weeks is making sure we’re in a good shape for for the CMS 5.1.0 beta release. We’re also preparing talks for StripeCon EU.