CMS Squad progress update for 2023-09-13

Work completed in the last couple of weeks

We’ve been preparing for and released Silverstripe CMS 5.1.0-beta1, and have been regression testing that release in preparation for the release candidate. With Stripecon tomorrow we’ve also been finishing up preparations on our end for that event.

We’ve also added silverstripe/dynamodb as a commercially supported module. This module is required for deploying a Silverstripe CMS project to Silverstripe Cloud.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Community pull requests merged

A big thank you again to everyone who contributes to improving Silverstripe CMS. These pull requests were merged in the last two weeks:

Focus for the next couple of weeks

We’ve got a fairly sensible backlog for Silverstripe CMS 5.2 now, so once we’ve resolved any regressions in the 5.1 beta release and gotten the release candidate out the door, we’ll be setting our sights on those - along with (of course) various bug fixes. There are always bugs to fix.