CMS Squad progress update for 2023-10-11

Over the past two weeks, our team has been hard at work, and in this post, we will meticulously outline our accomplishments.
These past two weeks have been highly productive. Our team’s hard work and the generous contributions from our open-source community have been key to our accomplishments during this period. Our efforts encompassed various tasks, including making minor refinements to our documentation, resolving minor issues within our GitHub actions configuration, enhancing our Behat and Unit tests, and introducing a notable addition — an ORM abstraction for ‘WITH’ clauses (Can’t wait for the next release).

Changes to look forward to


Bug fixes and other immediate changes

GitHub actions enhancements

CMS 4.13


Community pull requests merged

We are deeply appreciative of our community’s valuable contributions.

in the PR Allow multibyte to be configured

Work in progress

Looking back at the past two weeks, it’s clear that it has been a positive and highly productive period for us, and now we’re ready to forge ahead. In the upcoming fortnight, our central focus will be on addressing and rectifying the identified bugs. Additionally, we will put a particular emphasis on refining the functionality of LinkField, revising some of our documentation, and exploring potential improvements. For instance, we’ll be investigating the feasibility of integrating 'phpoffice/phpword' into CMS.