CMS Squad progress update for 2023-11-08

Work completed in the last couple of weeks

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve continued working on improving silverstripe/linkfield so that we can be comfortable officially supporting it.

We finished an overhaul of the contributing documentation which will hopefully make it a lot clearer what the process is for making contributions to the supported modules.

We’ve also been adding automated linting to our documentation, which should help to reduce issues rendering the markdown as well as provide early feedback to contributors about potential structure or stylistic issues with their pull request changes.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Changes to look forward to in future releases

Community pull requests merged

As Max said at Stripecon, the community contributions are like having a 5th member of the CMS Squad. We greatly appreciate all of your work in improving Silverstripe CMS for everyone. Here’s some of the community contributions which got merged in the last couple of weeks.

Focus for the next couple of weeks

We’re in the process of decommissioning There may be similar functionality implemented as part of the rebuild in the next 6 months or so, but in the meantime this website had many many problems and we simply haven’t had time to resolve them. There’s more discussion about this decision in the GitHub issue itself. That subdomain will redirect to which provides a pre-filtered link for searching Silverstripe CMS modules in Packagist directly.

The work to add linting to our documentation continues, as does our focus on the linkfield module.

We’re also moving forward with our plans to add new community maintainer roles for the supported modules. You can track our progress in this GitHub issue.