CMS Squad progress update for 2024-01-31

January 2024 has concluded, and despite its brevity owing to the New Year holidays, it proved to be highly productive. The CMS team achieved substantial progress in the development of the silverstripe-linkfield module. Extensive work was also undertaken to integrate generic types into CMS and introduce the capability to generate file variants with diverse extensions. So we are looking forward to the next release. Furthermore, we made it a priority to enhance the existing versions and address any existing bugs.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Change to look forward too in future releases

Linkfield enhancements

GitHub actions enhancements

Community pull requests merged

We express sincere gratitude for the valuable contributions made by our community. Presented here is their indispensable contribution:

Work in progress

In the upcoming two weeks, our focus includes efforts to enhance silverstripe-linkfield module, introducing pre-filtering and sorting capabilities to improve eager loading, and work on some organisational tasks.