CMS Squad progress update for 2024-06-19

Sabina recently left the CMS Squad, and Maxime will be leaving us soon as well, so I’d like to start by thanking both of them for all the work they’ve done to improve the CMS and keep us moving forward.

We are hiring for a new Product Developer Lead to backfill Max’s role, so if you live in New Zealand and you’re interested in directly impacting the direction of Silverstripe CMS going forward check out the job description and consider applying.

Work completed in the last couple of weeks

We hosted a meetup in Wellington last week - I’m in the process of working with the marketing team on a blog post about it, so keep your eyes peeled for that over on the blog.

We’ve had a sort of un-official focus on improving processes the last couple of weeks, so that with our smaller team size we hopefully won’t need to spend quite as much time on administrative tasks - though that sort of work will always need doing.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Changes to look forward to in future releases

Community pull requests merged

Focus for the next couple of weeks

Now that we’re only a three person team, and most of our time is spent developing bug fixes and new features, the amount of time we can spend looking at community pull requests ourselves is even more limited than usual. To try to combat this, we’re making an effort to enable members of the community to review and merge pull requests without having to wait for the CMS Squad to find time for them. As part of this process, we’re creating a project board on GitHub to make it easier to track community pull requests.

We’re also going to be focusing a lot over the next couple of weeks on making sure we can have as smooth of a transition as possible as Maxime prepares to leave Silverstripe.

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