CMS Squad Sprint Announcement for 2022-07-06

This sprint we were mostly focused on the stable release of Silverstripe CMS 4.11.0 and the ongoing work to migrate our CI pipeline from travis-ci to Github actions. We’ve also reviewed a few of our processes which culminated in updated github labels and definitions to make it easier for us to prioritise high-value issues.

Release sprints are pretty hectic - the lists below may not be impressive but don’t let that fool you.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Changes to look forward to

Community pull requests merged

The CMS Squad isn’t working alone - there are a bunch of amazing developers in the wider community helping to improve Silverstripe CMS. A big thank you to everyone who creates a PR, raises an issue, offers feedback, etc. Here are some of the community PRs that were merged in supported modules this sprint.

Focus for next sprint

  • Work continues on migrating our CI pipeline to Github actions
    • This also includes tightening our standards somewhat and improving infrastructure test coverage
  • Preparing for CMS5 development
  • Various bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements
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