CMS Squad Sprint Announcement for 2022-08-03

This sprint was very productive. Finally, we finished replacing Travis CI with a new and improved GitHub Actions based CI which involved approximately 250 PRs. These PRs include fixing many minor issues that weren’t being identified with our old CI setup. MySQL 8.0 testing was also added as part of the CI. Also, a critical issue has been resolved that prevented users from fully working with ElementalArea. Some improvements have also been made to the work of GridField, which will allow users to freely work with filtered and sorted lists and not be afraid to lose the current state of the list. The work of ModelAdmin SearchForm has also been improved. Now, Gridfield search terms search across multiple fields. And of course, significant administrative work has been done and standardisation of current approaches in the development of the CMS.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Changes to look forward to

Community pull requests merged

Kudos to community devs for taking the time to do PRs on Silverstripe CMS:

Focus for next sprint

The next sprint will mostly be focused on preparing for the development of CMS 5. Work will also continue to improve the current functionality and solve existing bugs.