CMS Squad Sprint Announcement for 2022-09-28

This sprint was mainly focused on preparing for the development of CMS 5. Update content was migrated to changelogs for CMS 5. Silverstripe CMS 5 alpha 1 was also prepared, documented and released. Behat tests have also been updated to test existing modules with limited permissions, which users such as ‘Content Author’ most often have.

Bug fixes and other immediate changes

Changes to look forward to

Community pull requests merged

Kudos to community devs for taking the time to do PRs on Silverstripe CMS:

Focus for next sprint

In the next sprint, we will focus entirely on the development of CMS5. We will continue to update existing modules and functionality, such as the implementation of TinyMCE6 editor. We are working on replacing swiftmailer with symfony/mailer as well. And we will document and remove deprecated code in all core modules.

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