CMS Squad Sprint Announcement for 2022-10-12

This sprint we were mostly focused on CMS 5. We’re still adding new functionality to CMS 4 where appropriate, but we want to get as much technical debt removed and as many dependencies updated for CMS 5 as we can in the time we have, so we have a good clean surface to work from.

In other news, we’re swapping to kanban! We’ve been reviewing the way we work recently and we’ve noticed that sprints weren’t really working for us. Kanban aligns better with the way we want to work, and part of that is getting rid of sprints.

We’ll still keep doing these announcements, but we’ll probably change the name of them to reflect this change.

Changes to look forward to

CMS 4.12


Community pull requests merged

Focus for next sprint fortnight or so

We’re continuing on primarily focusing on CMS 5, with cards in flight to replace swiftmailer with symfony/mailer, removing and marking deprecated code, and upgrading some core dependencies. We’re also upgrading jQuery from 1.7 to 3.6.

With some of these larger changes, there’s obviously a risk of regressions. We’re aiming to tag a beta for CMS 4.12 in November, and for CMS 5 in December. It would be helpful to us, as well as for yourselves, if some of you could try upgrading your projects to these beta versions when they release, and let us know of any regressions or upgrade pains by raising issues in the relevant github repositories.