copying users from old site - password reset not working

I’ve just built a new site using SS4, and copied over all the user from old SS3 site. Basically it’s all working fine - apart from if try and I reset a password, using the reset link, or in the admin profile area. It accepts the new password, logs me in and I can use the site. But when I come back, I can’t log in using the new password and have to use the old password.

I see there’s a MemberPassword table in the database which is new - this has a few entries in it I guess from me playing resetting my own password.

Any tips or config options I use so the password reset just updates the password in the Members table?

further testing, it seems other accounts work, I just can’t reset my own password…

You don’t have your password set up as a default in the .env file, or something like that do you?

Spot on! thanks!

I have to admit I’m actually building/running the site on a cpanel hosted account, and just installed SS4 via the softaculous installer so never looked at the env files until now. I see it added the default user log in details there