Creating a new website with Sliverstripe CMS

Hello I am not much familiar with the Silverstrip CMS but I am planing to build a new website and looking for different options. I am been using WordPress for a quite long time and looking to try something different for just learning purpose. Well I am currently using WordPress managed hosting environment and would like to deploy Silver strip on it, so is there any special requirement for hosting Silver Strip CMS? Like other CMS can we configure it on local servers like Xamp or Wamp?

There’s nothing too unusual about the hosting requirements, most hosts have all the required PHP extensions installed by default.

It’s well worth setting up locally and doing all the development work there, I don’t use Windows so can’t comment on the specifics of WAMP or XAMP, but plenty of people here use them for local dev work.

Without doubt, the best way to manage your code is with composer, so if you’re not familiar with it, have a quick look around the net for a basic tutorial. Using composer, especially when dealing with add-ons, etc. can be a real time-saver.

I highly recommend going through a couple of the lessons:

These will help you get past some of the most common questions/problems that come up.

Thanks for the advice I will look into the composer to managed it efficiently. Appreciate your help.

Please go through the system requirement, silverstripe 4 require php7
And if you xampp does not support PHP7, go with silverstripe 3, you can find the pervious release here

Using Silverstripe 3 for a new project at this stage in its life-cycle might not be the best idea. It’s coming up to the end of support. Much better to get your local development environment updated so it matches what you’re likely to be using in production. PHP5.6 is the last PHP5 release and is only supported until the end of the year.

silverstripe 4 require php7

This is not true, PHP 5.6 works just fine.

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I would personally prefer to go with the latest version and update my local environment.

@Tim I totally agree with you, I just want to help @BaldwinJackson to get started with silverstripe. Also dont worry about PHP5 version, silverstripe 3.6 supports php7

@thomas28 I will dig further to learn more about silverstripe. Appreciate your effort. I was just curious because I already own a server and don’t wanna change it for silverstrip. As there isn’t any special requirement for deploying silverstrip. Thank you all for your assistance.