Css which would cause errors in SilverStripe

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I am converting a static HTML template into a SilverStripe theme.
The static HTML page uses BootStrap 4. This static HTML template also uses a few CSS libraries along with a general style file.
SilverStripe will load the BootStrap 4 library along with the other libraries fine. But when it comes to the general style file I get a white screen of death.
I was wondering if there were any CSS features that would cause this in SilverStripe. The style file is rather large so going through line by line would take a while.

Thanks in advance!

It’s very unlikely that anything in the CSS would be it, since it’s not parsed by the server at all. It could be that there’s something wrong with the way it’s being included that’s causing an error.

A few questions:

Is your site in dev mode?
Is there anything in the server logs?
How are you including the styles?